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River Of God

from Sinking Anthems by The Ugly Facade



(the fountain)

Take the cup fill it up Lift it up to the sky

Praise invisible gods for unforgivable lies

Tilt it back and wake me up from the animal dreams

I’ve been hibernating dreaming of unspeakable things

And from the sludge we crawled on phantom limb to get to Her place

And in defiance sprouted tongues so we could have just a taste

Every swallow every drop recalling things in my mind

That built the clot built the knot in the base of my spine

Full of come give me some share with me just a sip

Any chance to betray betwixt the cup and the lip

And for the sinner for the simpleton who drank from Her banks

The everlasting urge to fall down on your knees and give thanks

It is He who gave his sons a poisoned muscle to flex

Who bore the daughters who would swallow it right up to the neck

And for the blood the seed the poison She will give in return

A tiny piece of every son Her body happened to spurn

And should She let me close enough to cut away all Her strings

With Her compliance I would do the most unspeakable things

When all is said and done and all the fires begin to fume

Take the viscera that almost formed to bone in Her womb

And at Her side we’ll consummate the life we happened to live

By boiling all the children lost for gifts that She has to give

And every book they ever wrote to speak to us of Her charm

Should be forgotten once we choke upon the first sign of harm

All the things, all the things, all the things that She said

Now washed away and sinking silently to rest at Her bed

Every war every drought every capital built

Another stitch into the fabric of a blasphemous quilt

An even farther cry is what we came to try to attain

The immortality and knowledge that we’ve sought all in vain

And we run and we climb

And we scrape and we scale

And we beg and we bite

And we fight and we fail

What we were what we've been

What we kill what we carve

What we choke what we cut

What we steal what we starve

Just a glance just a taste

Just a sip just to see

Just to say I was there

Just to want just to be

When we writhe in denial

When we find where She lay

When we drink from Her womb

Will we know what to say?

When we open our skin

When we let Her seep in

When we’re born once again
Oh in the River of God

What our Father forbade

With the tip of his blade

When we fall when we bathe
Oh in the River of God

With our enemies slain

When we open the vein

Will we come once again
Oh in the River of God

What our Father forbade

With the tip of his blade

When we fall when we bathe
Oh in the River of God


from Sinking Anthems, released March 11, 2012




The Ugly Facade

We live our lives in boxes, with little glowing screens. We fill our blood with toxins, so we can deal with things. And sometimes, more than often, the bitter masks the taste. The fruitless failed reflection: what if it's all a waste?

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