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from Sinking Anthems by The Ugly Facade




D - D A Y


Change with the tide, just so I don’t drown
Soak up the rain in case of drought
All over signs of impending doom
So I just lie and prepare in my room

People outside, begging for death
Running around as they scratch off their flesh
Looking for ways to distract my mind
Can’t quite ignore all the screaming outside

Can’t breathe, can’t breathe
Can’t breathe, can’t breathe
Can’t breathe, can’t breathe
Can’t breathe, can’t breathe

Still I’m waiting, not forsaking words I once felt like debating
Fears I swallowed and dismissed for being far too pessimistic

Till the angels pierced the sky, their fury burning with the fire
Of a thousand suns at once, the walls of Jericho came falling down


from Sinking Anthems, released March 11, 2012




The Ugly Facade Texas

We live our lives in boxes, with little glowing screens. We fill our blood with toxins, so we can deal with things. And sometimes, more than often, the bitter masks the taste. The fruitless failed reflection: what if it's all a waste?

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